35 beaches and natural areas  34.758 population (INE, 2017) 28 Km of coastline

Águilas is a municipality in the Alto Guadalentín area, neighboring the Lorca municipality to the East and North, the Mediterranean Sea to the South and the Almeria municipality of Pulpi to the West. It is 103 km from the municipality of Murcia.
The town has 35 beaches and natural areas such as the Regional Wildlife Park of Cabo Cope-Calnegre and the Natural Park of Cuatro Calas. It was awarded 10 `blue flags in 2016' that are still raised in different beaches: 9 in the municipality of Águilas and 1 in the Calnegre cove of Lorca. Both marinas in the town of Águilas also have blue flags: Club Náutico and Juan Montiel. The Sea-Aquarium Interpretation Center of Aguilas also received the Blue Center award. This destination has 7 'Qs' for Quality (6 are beaches and 1 a tourist office). Águilas is also a SICTED Destination, with 23 distinguished establishments directly or indirectly linked to the tourist sector.
The municipality's economy relies mostly on tourism and hospitality, as well as on intensive fruit and vegetable greenhouse agriculture, including product sorting, storage and distribution plants, among other infrastructures.

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RM-11 Águilas-Lorca Freeway
AP-7 E-15 (Mediterranean toll freeway), to Almería and Alicante. A-7
Lorca-Murcia, Lorca-Granada and Lorca-Almería freeway


Águilas-Lorca-Murcia; Águilas-Madrid (Intercity)


The closest airport is the International Airport of the Region of Murcia (Corvera), 81 Km.


El Carnaval de Águilas, declared to be of International Tourist Interest in 20/01/2015, with more than 200 years of tradition behind it.